From RTS:DO’ing away with money, one step at a time

We’ve walked around the edges of the topic in articles and comments for the past week or so HERE and HERE, so how about we discuss this openly.

The system put in place by the PTW and all their ilk is a trap- a prison for the purpose of self enslavement of people of our planet. They invent the “money”. This money is used to purchase everything both real- cars, houses, clothes, food, holidays, jewelry…..) and not real- love, happiness, pride….

WE KNOW that their paper money is worthless and meaningless and a trap. WE WANT to break free of this prison that they created. So DO.

Let’s talk about DO’ing right now. Pretend the OPPT doesn’t exist, pretend that there is no NESARA/RV/PPs etc. RIGHT NOW is our current place in time- our current situation at this very minute. NOW. What can you do to break out of this PTW Prison?

First thing, in my opinion, is hit them where it hurts the most: their wallets.

Their “money” is their power- their ONLY power. Without money, they have nothing and they are nothing. You want to break free? Then start by getting rid of their money.

Believe it or not, there are several communities/counties in the US that have created their own currency. There are many many communities all over the world that have returned to the barter system.

This doesn’t have to be a jump in feet first all or nothing act. You CAN start small and work towards your goal.Everyone has talents, everyone has abilities, everyone can DO something.

Can You….

shovel a driveway?
mow a lawn?
walk a dog?
baby sit?

Can You…..

cut someones hair?
knit some mittens?
sew on a button?

create a website?
fix a computer?
build a deck?

bake bread?
fix a car?

There are lots of people out there that need help with any one of these things, and perhaps they have something they can do for you in return, or have something that they make that they can give you in return.

3 years ago when we returned from the Congo, I was very pregnant (hence the fact that I came back to Canada…. you do NOT want to give birth in the Congo- TRUST ME!), and alone with 3 small children. The lady in the flat upstairs watched over my youngest son while I walked the girls to school. I paid her with a fresh baked loaf of bread every two days. The neighbour’s sons shovelled my side walk for me and I paid them in hot cocoa (homemade of course, with marshmallows). When my husband returned from Africa he fixed a friends broken toilet, and our friend notarized a document for us. Our neighbour fixed a broken tire on our van, my husband helped him install a new window in his kitchen.I have the ability to heal headaches/migranes- I have friends who come to me when they are in bad shape and need my help- they bring lunch, school supplies for the kids, etc
A friend of ours babysits her neighbours cats every other weekend, and is paid in fresh eggs.
Another friend of ours exercises horses and gets free rent in a little cottage on the back of the ranchers property.
Another friend of mine is a builder- he needed a car, he met a guy who was selling a car but needed his bathroom renovated…. wella! One renovated bathroom, one car. Done deal.

This is NOT a new thing! This is the way things were done for centuries. This is what the Corporations killed- COMMUNITY.


Keep people separate so that they have no one to rely upon, no community to back them up.

United we stand, Divided we fall. That was their plan all along.

If you want to DO, then how about starting in your own community? Even people who are asleep KNOW that something is wrong with our society, our governments. Even people who are dozing know that they need a better way to make a living, know that taxes are killing them So….. organize it. Make flyers, arrange meetings, hand out posters for businesses to put up.

Organize a neighbourhood clothing exchange
Organize a book exchange
Hell, organize a neighbourhood “job exchange”!

Trade and barter are not taxable. Hit them in the wallet. Hit them hard.

This is something EVERYONE can DO. Band together in groups, find others in your community and just run with it. Seriously.

You want to DO? Then DO.

DO’ing away with money, one step at a time.

By baeicher

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