NWO, OPPT, and Fear.

When you are new to the massive changes that are taking place on our world it can be very overwhelming. Those of us that have been following this for a long time, and trying to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, have those occasional moments of frustration and doubt and yes, fear.

The NWO and the OPPT both have parallels that can leave some feeling like they are the same thing. On the surface they are both calling for one unified world and a moneyless society, but look a little deeper and you will see they are nothing at all alike.

They are light and dark, day and night, yin and yang. One is about love, peace, unity, and abundance. The other is about tyranny, control, and destruction. We are truly in the battle of light and dark and that battle is for the hearts and minds of men. The simple question here, that I put to you is, which one do you choose?

If you allow fear to creep up on you, then you give away your power to something outside of yourself, and that’s a lot of power. Never underestimate how powerful you are. Take back that power by stepping out of fear and choosing what you want to create.

By baeicher

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