With love, to HUE-manity

Truth is never an easy thing. Sometimes it’s easier to walk away from it, deny it, turn a blind eye to it, because to do so means nothing has to change. It’s easier to stay focused on the everyday things, work, dinner, chores, where we’re going for dinner on Friday night. You know, just life, friends, movies, Facebook, sports, celebrities. Let me say that there is nothing wrong with that, but at some point you have to wake up. Knowing the truth means you have to put on your grown up panties and take responsibility for it, for yourself. Some are ready to do this and some aren’t. Understand that there is no judgement in that. We will all get there in our own time. Those of us who do know the truth have a responsibility to pass it along even if it means it might upset others. We do it because we love you. So, as your fellow human BE-ing, I am holding my hand out to you. Go on and take it and follow me down the rabbit hole. How deep does it go? You’ll never know, unless you follow me down the rabbit hole.

There are things that need to be known. They are not nice things. In fact, they are horrible, awful, nasty things. The worst things one human could think to do to another. We will take this journey together, gently, only as much as you can handle at a time. I would highly recommend you start with the movie Thrive http://www.thrivemovement.com/home. It is disturbing but I promise you there is a happy ending!

By baeicher

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