It becomes more and more clear to me who the liars are in this whole soap opera gone bad. I personally will not be satisfied until every one of these players have been removed from the game board. Step down already and just go away. You have pilfered, ravaged, and murdered for far too long for your sick purposes, and we the people have had enough.

Satu Insan - Malaysia

The Fall of the Pentagram Five. Illuminati illusion dissolves in disarray.
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Picture: Illuminati bloodlines. Satanic Circle. The ancient fellowship of evil.

The illusion is getting smaller. It has been perceived worldwide. Now only the insane can miss it. Thirteen millennia of élite-led disinformation and financial fraud on the planet are at last coming to an end.

The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati is a busted flush. The MSM cover story that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are just an “anti-Semitic” propaganda ploy has been rubbished.

On Monday 1st October 2012, writing from Japan (full text  here), the English Language spokesman of the White Dragon Society and its Asian affiliates cited Western intelligence sources in his claim that the old pentagram of corrupt…

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