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[UPDATE 1744 HST: notes from Ginger added]

Thanks to Ginger for the alert to this. Only one point… guaranteed Heather might not be attuned to the use of her picture here. Understand, this is beyond Heather, any of the trustees, and any one of us. Far beyond that.

From Ginger

– Heather’s Creation version of 3D separation and contrast game we agreed to play in order to understand the Absolute more intimately, Energetic Accounting, Eternal Heart focus
– Heather’s story
– OPPT is just one of the many facets coming together and will be visible at once as a whole picture
– About OPPT
– More clarification in the details
– Absolute Data and how it must be whole
– around 47 mins – End game, a few moves done now, lots of chaos behind the curtain – they will offer final bone hoping…

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