This is an excellent article written by Clint Richardson. Most of us have had the fear of the “mark of the beast” impressed upon us and I think it is so important to put those fears to rest. There is no anti-christ coming, he is already here, and he’s about as scary as Domino’s Pizza or Disneyland as corporations go. OPPT has put an end to it! You must step out of fear, step into your own power, and make a choice. Choose to no longer participate in their systems.



The Global Social Security System


Did you know that over 130 countries in the world now have a Social Security Insurance program?

Did you know that Social Security is run and regulated by the United Nations and its World Bank?

Have you ever heard of the International Social Security Association (ISSA)?

And did you know that the United States Social Security Administration has international treaties and agreements through the United Nations with other countries and their Social Security Systems?

Well, its all true… But before we get into that, let’s make sure we understand just what this Social program really means, being a United States Citizen with a Social Security Number.

It is so much more than you might think…


Social Security – The Mark of the Beast


The MARK of the BEAST is upon all American Citizens!!! And the Federal Corporation named the “UNITED…

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