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Creation Value Asset Centers (CVACs)Self-Governance under Common Law – The Law of One -Universal Law

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CVAC Musings is a creatively designed website to bring the knowledge of CVACs into BE’ing.


The purpose of a CVAC is to:

1. Preserve and protect any and all value of creation, inclusive of the value of the creator, inclusive of any and all creation’s value asset centers.

2. Preserve, protect, and implement the right of opportunity of free-will of each, any, and all creation’s manifestations, in any existence, known or unknown.

3. To simplify and unify the laws governing any and all of creation’s manifestations, in any and all existence, known and unknown, and enter said governing laws into International Law Ordinance, noticed by public registration for all creation to rely upon.

4. To irrevocably insure lawful and transparent existence, co-existence, knowledge, co-knowledge, custody, co-custody, operation, co-operation, use, and co-use thereof, inclusive…

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