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This includes, but is not limited to, all public servants, all elected officials, all military, all police, all welfare, medicaid, medicare, foodstamp and social security recipients…. any person who receives regular income, of any kind, from any level of (foreclosed) government/corporation, in any region of the world, any (foreclosed) government/corporation paid shills or trolls, or any person, anywhere, who has been coerced by any (foreclosed) government/corporation, to take up arms or perform any action against We The People.
I affirm and intend, ALL become aware of what I am about to say. I send these words out, on the ethers, and direct them, with intention, into the mass consciousness and into the Eternal Hearts of ALL.
I know, right now, some of you may really feel as if you will not be able to survive, without the pay you receive from the (foreclosed) government/ corporation. In many cases, that pay is a pittance…

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