What You Can Do

The first and most important thing you can do is spread the word. Tell everyone you know about OPPT.  It will affect us all on a very personal level.

Feel FREE to DO and BE. If you have thoughts, ideas, or inspirations, don’t hesitate to share them! We are all part of this, part of the one, and each of us has an important voice and piece of the puzzle.

Take the press release and send it to any and every media outlet in your area.

Set up an OPPT website for your community. You can send an email with any questions to opptnetwork@gmail.com, and also let them know about your site so we can get you linked up with the community.

Please note that the One People’s Public Trust is for all citizens of this planet. Residents and citizens of all countries worldwide are welcome to create their own websites to help spread this vital information.

OPPT-IN Resources

Organize a community group and host meetings to discuss ways to grow OPPT in your area, and to assist others that are new to OPPT. These changes are amazing but can be confusing and scary to those who don’t understand them.

Post fliers in community locations such as your public library.

You can volunteer to help with setting up CVAC’s. There are many skill sets needed. Writers, editors, web designers, graphic designers, artists, photographers, administrators, video production etc. If you would like to volunteer you can send an email to the address below with the shown format in the subject line.

opptgroundcrew@gmail.com subject/title Support –“then your skill set”

Join us on the OPPT-OUT Facebook page to see the fun and creative ways others are choosing to OPPT-OUT of the old system and share your own.

I am personally looking for anyone in the New Castle area that would be interested in joining me in BE’ing and DO’ing. If you are interested or have any questions please email me at peoplestrustwesternpa@hotmail.com.


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