Creator’s Value Asset Centers – CVAC

“BY DECLARATION AND ORDER, creation’s value asset centers, being the original, sole, and absolute superior structure, network and system by creation for the lawful and transparent existence, co-existence, knowledge, co-knowledge, custody, co-custody, operation, co-operation, creation, co-creation, use, and co-use, of any and all creation’s value, inclusive of any and all tracking, transfer, appointment, assignment, gift, and growth therefrom, under the principle of common law, under the laws of the creator, under the laws of creation, and is and shall be irrevocably called and known as “CVAC”, inclusive of its parts, the “CVAV Structure”, “CVAC SYstem”, “CVAC Network”, and all the sub-parts that may lawfully manifest or be bound thereunder, as follows: …” – CVAC Declaration and Order 10212012

PDF Document





Contract for CVAC, UCC Finance Statement for CVAC, CVAC Registration, and CVAC Oath and Bond Contract for CVAC Branch Office can be viewed at American Kabuki here.

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